Michael “Woody” Woodring ,71, of Rockford, passed away surrounded by family on June 23, 2019 after a long illness from pulmonary fibrosis. Michael was the son of Troy and Phyllis Woodring that both preceded him in death. He is survived by one sister Karen (Tom) Hutchison of Edmonton Alberta Canada. Michael married and is survived by his wife of 42 years, Kathleen Cannova. Michael always called marrying Kathy the best choice he ever made in his life and thanks her for everyday she put up with him!

Michael never passed up a chance to talk about his two lovely daughters. They were on his mind everyday and he loved the drive and motivation they displayed building their lives. His oldest daughter is Shannon (Vern) Blakley of Akron, Ohio and his youngest is Theresa (Dustin) Lozdoski of Rockford, IL. Just when he thought life couldn’t get any better along came his grandsons, Brody, Nickolas, Noah, and Maddox. This band of Brothers gave Papa another way to get in trouble. He would agree most of the time he started the problems! There was nothing Michael liked more than listening to all their escapades and adventures. They were truly the apples of his eye! He will be with them always!

Michael was so proud to have been given the opportunity to serve the City of Rockford as a member of the Rockford Fire Department. He always said, “How many people get to do the job they dreamed about as a 4 year old child”. In January of 1972 that dream came true. Michael and his group of fellow recruits became known on the department as the Class of 72. This was an honor that is still talked about today.

While on the department Michael was fortunate to be involved in many firsts. Michael was a member of the Charter Class of 15 Paramedics on the Department. He and his dear friend and parter of 14 years on the Fire Department, Charles Parrovechio were both members of the first full-time Fire Department Arson Investigation Team with Police Powers. Prior to ending his 28 year career, Michael was appointed the first Coordinator of the Division of Fire Prevention. In this capacity he oversaw and coordinated the daily activities of Code Enforcement, Fire Investigations, Public Education and Public Information Office for the Department. Michael loved the Fire Department and cherished everyday of the job. He would always say “How can it get any better than this”. Working with the elite men and women, best trained, hardest workers, strongest Union, best bonding of any City organization leadership from top to bottom. The best of the best!

Michael’s Golf Crew were together on many road trips including golf, casinos, and horse racing! He always said, “What happed on the road stayed on the road!”

Michael “Woody” Woodring, Fire Prevention Coordinator 
Rockford Fire Department
Years In Service: 28